Mid Waist Slim Wear Briefs - Light Control

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  • Made By Sustainable Bamboo  

  • Moisture/Sweat Wicking   

  • Odorless  

  • Extremely Breathable

  • 360 Degree Stretch For Durability & Comfort


  • Mid waist slim wear briefs where it helps flattens tummy, lifts bottom and defines your waist
  • Level of control: Light Control
  • 2-circle wing-shaped elastics to centralize butt fat
  • Quick dry, breathable, sweat absorbent, odorless
  • 360 degree stretch fabric for both durability and comfort
  • Far infrared characteristics
  • Comfortable, Functional, AND Fashionable.
  • Free size - 23'' to 36'' inch


Odorless & Quick-Dry Properties:

Our fabric is sweat absorbent and at the same time extremely breathable – Keeping you cool, dry and comfortable at all times. 


Far-Infrared Characteristics:

Our one of a kind fabric has been infused with the latest far infrared technology to give our garments maximum breathability and antimicrobial properties like no other.


360° Stretch Fabric - Underwear That Fits You:


Most underwear use a 2-way stretch design that is easily victimized by wear and tear. We have designed our Bamboo Mi underwear to have a 360 degree stretch for both durability and comfort. Our fabric is extremely stretchy and will not lose its elasticity so easily.


2-Circle Wing-Shaped Elastics To Centralize Butt Fat:

This design hugs your butt within seamless circles, which support and secure the two cheeks against gravity. As a result, this keeps your rear round, perky and centralized. So say no to saggy and flat bums! Our panties will gently lift your bottom by giving support to your bum. No extra padding needed to do the trick!


Made With Bamboo Charcoal Fabric 

Bamboo charcoal is very eco-friendly as bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, meaning it is a natural renewable resource. It is permanently infused into the fabric and will never wash away no matter how many times it has been washed.

Benefits Includes:

- Sweat absorbent/ Moisture Wicking 

- Odorless 

- Breathable 

How did we infuse bamboo charcoal into the fabric? 

First, we heat and dry these bamboo until it becomes bamboo charcoal. We then further process it until we can infuse its particles into the fabric.Bamboo charcoal is permanently infused into the fabric and will not lose its features after washing.

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