5 reasons why you are wearing the wrong bra

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That's right, it is likely that you are not wearing a bra that fits you best.

Now, what's wrong with wearing a ill-fitting bra? It will make you look bulkier than you should be! An ill-fitting bra causes side boob spillage and back fat bulge. It might also give you long term health concerns such as neck, back and shoulder pain.

Here are 5 signs that you are wearing the wrong bra

boob spillage bra size

1.The cup is too small, you can see boob spillage off the front and sides. As uncomfortable as this may sound, your breast tissue is being squashed out of the cup and off to the sides. This is how accessory breast is formed and will give you a bulkier look.

bra cup too loose

2. The cup is too loose, you can see a gap in between your breast and the cup. Well, perhaps you like how there's a gap there because that gives you the maximum comfort. It is a little too comfy, don't you think? Wearing a bra with the cup too loose will give your breast too much room to wiggle around and will eventually turn into saggy breasts.

Wearing the correct bra gives you the support you need for your breasts - it cannot be too tight nor too loose - it has to be just right.

bra constantly riding up

3. The band is too loose, the bra keeps riding up and breasts falling out the bottom of your bra. Or, try putting a finger underneath the bra band, if it fits 2 or more fingers under the band, it is too loose. Some may think it is more comfortable with a larger band which also make back fat bulge disappear. Well, as I have mentioned earlier, the bra must give you the right support for your breasts. A larger band will also give your breasts too much room and saggy breasts will form. Once breast tissues doesn't have the right support and locks it towards to front, it will flattens the breast, causing the breast tissues to run to the sides and back. 

bra strap falling down

4. Strap is too loose, it keeps falling down. Tighten the straps to a point where you can place 1 finger between your strap and skin. If you've already tightened the strap and the strap is still falling or if you can place 2 or more fingers in, it is time for you to buy new bras. Not only you may feel annoyed by constantly placing the strap back on you shoulder, you may experience shoulder pain from this ill-fitting bra.

Bra leaves red marks on skin

5. The band/ strap is too tight, leaving red marks on your skin. If it is the strap that is too tight, loosen it a little bit. If you see red marks on the band area, then you should buy a new bra


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